Welcome to SZ Ranch

The beautiful background of the SZ Ranch is accented by the view from above the valley floor of the Cuyama Valley. The surrounding mountains are shadowed during the day in rich sunlight in the summer and snow packed peaks in the winter.

“Old Town” Western Atmosphere Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip BBQ Pumpkin Patch

SZ Ranch is located one hour outside of Santa Maria, California. It’s a beautiful property with it’s own mountain range!
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Hen House – Fresh Eggs

You and your family are deserving of a locally produced farm fresh egg. Our eggs are hand gathered, hand washed using no soaps or chemicals, candled, graded to size and packed one egg at a time.

NO Hormones, NO Antibiotics, NO Steroids, NO Chemicals…

We only feed the best of the best ingredients in our special formulated 100% vegetarian feeds.
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Black Angus Beef

We raise our cattle on open range natural grasses throughout the year, not in confinement or feedlots. From birth until harvest, the way nature intended.

100% Grass-Fed Cattle Healthy and Natural Growth Process NO Hormones or Antibiotics

You will “taste the difference” of our beef!
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Heritage Heirloom Turkeys

Our natural-raised turkeys are fed only ORGANIC non-GMO feeds and are humanely and sustainable-raised with NO added preservatives, antibiotics or hormones.

Free-range all Natural Turkeys Bourbon Reds and Royal Palms Naturally Plump and Tasty Available in November and December

Heritage turkeys are free-range raised, juicy and succulent.
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