SZ Ranch Hen House presents…

Our SZ Ranch Gourmet Eggs

Certified Organic by CCOF

… happy hens lay better eggs …

You and your family are deserving of a locally produced farm fresh egg. Our eggs are hand gathered, hand washed using no soaps or chemicals, candled, graded to size and packed one egg at a time.

It all starts with one day old baby chicks from a family hatchery sent to us here at the SZ Ranch. We nurture, care for, provide fresh wholesome certified organic feed, fresh well water and grow to provide us with fresh day old organic eggs.

We only feed the best of the best ingredients in our special formulated 100% vegetarian certified organic feeds.

NO Hormones — NO Antibiotics — NO Steroids
NO Animal bi-products — NO Chemicals

Now if you take a happy, stress free hen and
feed her a wholesome diet then you get,
“The SZ Ranch Exceptional Egg”

A pretty, shiny, clean brown or white shell.
People tell us they look beautiful.
We tell them wait ’til you see inside!!

You will find a deep golden yolk standing firm and high
the egg white holding tightly together.

Cook ’em up and taste, yummy! The taste is so favorable, so satisfying and so pleasing. One egg after another, our eggs are consistent and preferred to all store bought eggs by choice. We consider our eggs the winning eggs!

Our Hens are part of our Barnyard family…
Free to Dig, Dust and Run…
Happy Hens Laying Nutritious Eggs!

Available at these Farmers Markets in southern California.

Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market
Civic Center Dr, Beverly Hills
Sundays – 9:00am – 1:00pm

Hollywood Farmers’ Market
Hollywood, California
Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Avenue
(between Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd, near Vine Street)
Sundays – 8am to 1pm