About SZ Ranch

The beautiful background of the SZ Ranch is accented by the view from above the valley floor of the Cuyama Valley. The surrounding mountains are shadowed during the day in rich sunlight in the summer and snow packed peaks in the winter. Whatever time of year, the beauty of this unpopulated area it will amaze you.

This rural area can’t be ignored. We want to share this country life style; it’s heritage and our ranch with those trapped in the hustle of the concrete jungle.

Remember visiting Grandpa and Grandma’s house… listening to the birds singing, tree leaves blowing in the breeze, colors changing with all four seasons… here we have all of that and more.

Evenings come with the most intensive sunset over the mountains just off the California central coast. You’ll take that Hallmark picture with you in your mind for the rest of your life.

So grab your wranglers and boots and come on out. Go back in time and leave your worries at home. Here you will forget what day it is. The “old west” is relived as the atmosphere changes while you sit, visit and enjoy the relaxed country feeling we enjoy everyday.