Pumpkin Patch at SZ Ranch
“A Family Fun Tradition”

Pumpkin Patch open Sunday, October 8th – Sunday, October 30th
Saturdays: 11AM to 8PM
Sundays: 11AM to 5PM

We will be open for Monday, October 31st for Halloween Day at 11AM
Admission: Includes Hay Ride to Barnyard and “My Town”

The SZ Ranch Pumpkin Patch is one you don’t want to miss! We offer a 15 minute Hayride that tours the lower 120 acres of SZ Ranch and visit our Barnyard with the SZ Ranch extended family of animals… horses, cows, chickens, turkeys and of course Miss Piggy. They all love people visiting especially curious children of all ages.

While you wait for the Hayride we have a hay maze and photo ops for your entertainment. And a special surprise at the end in our Barnyard added for your wait time… nope you have to see for yourself!!

Then we travel to our picnic area which is called “My Town”… named for all who visit the SZ Ranch so you can call it your town. My Town is an ‘Old Western Town’ lined with trees, lights, decks, picnic benches. This is your children’s activity place to play games and even carve pumpkins. Yes, this is your resting place until you catch the Hayride back to the Pumpkin Patch. Once you arrive you have a choice to pick a pumpkin we have displayed for you or you can walk through the vines and “pick your own pumpkin” right off the vine.

We have a lot of accessories to assist you when you get home to design your special Halloween Jack-O-Lantern.

We call your trip to the Pumpkin Patch the AmaSZing SZ Ranch Experience. While you are visiting the SZ Ranch please let us know if there is anything we can do for you to make your stay more pleasant. We are completely Handicap Accessible and do offer services for those with special needs.

We all look forward to seeing you and the Family next year.