SZ Ranch Organic Free-Range Chickens

Certified Organic by CCOF
Ice packed and Refrigerated Transported

Registered Certified Organic by the State of California Department of Food & Agriculture
USDA Certified Organic. USDA Inspected Certified Organic Processing and packaging Facility

We at the SZ Ranch grow and humanely raises an Certified Organic Free-Range Chicken through Sustainable Farming Practices.

“The SZ Ranch Chicken tastes like no other”

Our SZ Ranch Chickens are only fed Vegetarian Non-GMO Certified Organic feed and supplied fresh well water.

It all starts with 1day old baby chicks. From the first day the care of these fluffy, fragile, cute little creatures is critical for the first 48 hours. They need to be kept warm and dry throughout their life especially until they grow their feathers to protect them from the temperature factors that affect their immune system, health and well-being with easy access to food and water.

“We care for our chickens as they are our own children”

As our SZ Ranch chickens are growing, the floors in their rooms are changed every couple days with fresh new organic pine shavings. This ensures a clean warm healthy no stress environment to keep their bottoms and breast warm, dry and cozy. At 3 weeks old they are introduced to the outdoors. They are so happy to get outside to run, scratch and dig up a storm in the Santa Barbara mountains breeze. They are also happy to get back inside when the sun starts going down as they feel more secure inside at night.

“Yes, SZ Ranch is a Resort for animals”

These conditions are the reasons why our Certified Organic Chicken taste like pure, real chicken. The SZ Ranch is a small farm with 40 years of commercial experience. In being a small farm ables us to do a better job raising our animals to bring a higher quality food to your families table. Quality, pureness, freshness, healthy and clean from all the additives. No Hormones, No Antibiotics, Just Pure Real Organic Chicken.

When you purchase and taste our SZ Ranch Certified Organic Eggs, Chicken and Beef you will understand that these are not just words to sell our products. We do what we do to share with others so we can feel good with all our hard work to hear you say,

“That’s the best chicken I’ve ever tasted”

Harvested weekly, delivering you a Fresh not frozen Certified Organic Chicken to your local Farmer’s Market each week all year.

California Grown, Certified Organic with No Added Nothing. Just Pure Real Chicken.