Our Extended Barnyard Family at SZ Ranch

When you’re visiting the SZ Ranch you will experience a full barnyard of our family.

Horses: We have all types of horse activities from riding for beginners to advance rodeo roping. You can also just hang out and brush them down, braid or weave their manes, and feed them their favorite carrot treats. They love all the attention they can get.

Miss Piggy: Miss Piggy was first named Peggy Sue and Petunia, but we stayed with Miss Piggy. She is a miniature pig but she grew a belly that drags the ground. Her favorite things are to eat, play in her mud hole and cover herself up with pine shavings when it’s bed time. She loves people!

Hen House: We house a couple hundred Red Island Hens that cackle up a storm. They dig, dust, roll around and play all day long. They love to be held and petted. They also love to eat, peck at anything and are peaceful to watch. Along with their personalities they lay some of the best tasting Certified Organic eggs you’ll ever eat. We pick them up fresh out of the nesting boxes each morning. While you are at SZ Ranch you will not only eat these terrific eggs, you’ll also help gather them before breakfast, which is served all day at the SZ Ranch.

Cows: Our cows are the sweetest mamas. We breed out cows every year. Calves are born in the springtime March through May as opposed to during the cold winter or hot summer. The prize is to witness a calf coming in to this world and see it standing and walking with in minutes. The care the mama cow gives its calf is most amazing. It’s really satisfying to watch the calves grow to become part of a large long family tree or some of the best beef in the industry.